Teacher, researcher and learning designer, Elizabeth Jewett is a Co-Creator of Moving Minds.  She earned a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Columbia University in 2014 with a concentration in Cognitive Development and Problem-Based Learning.  As an educator and researcher with diverse personal and professional experiences, Beth is committed to a view of education as the culmination of formal and informal learning experiences. This view sees learning as on-going and separate from schooling and teaching as greater than instruction.    

Elizabeth's research explores what learning looks like when it is designed to improve our ability to identify the right questions, look inward, and work together to solve problems and create new realities.  She has worked as a research assistant for studies at the Guggenheim, Yale University and the Columbia Medical Center. As a Research Associate for the Education for Thinking Lab at Columbia University, Teachers College she coordinated a three-year study between the Education for Thinking Lab and The Ministry of Education and Office of the President of the Dominican Republic.  

Elizabeth works to bridge the art and science of learning as a means to explore how education is meeting both our human and societal needs. She re-entered the classroom as a lead teacher at the Montessori School of Englewood in Chicago and has worked as a Research Consultant and Grant Writer for an education tech start-up in Chicago. She is an English Language Specialist for the United States Department of State and recently conducted a workshop on Problem Solving in the ESL Classroom with teachers in Cuba.  

Kate brings her background as a professional dancer to Moving Minds. In her experiences teaching dance students and performing around the world, she was inspired by how groups connect through the collaborative and choreographic processes. She was eager to bring her teaching techniques and group exercises out of the dance studio and into the world of business and nonprofits. She believes that when participants move their body creatively and in harmony with others, they can think and collaborate in harmony as well. For more information visit www.katejewett.com to learn more about Kate’s professional dance and teaching style.