Workshop experiences designed for a mindful workforce.

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  • Enhanced Community Culture

  • Post M&A

Moving Minds for organizations is a movement-based, skill-building workshop for better communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and confidence within and among teams. Participants develop their abilities as creative and analytical thinkers through specially designed movement games and choreographic challenges led by experts in dance and human development.

In addition to being a fun experience for teams, there is evidence that investing in soft skill development is beneficial to an organization in several ways. Studies conducted at Google and Deloitte have found that soft skills are just as critical as technical skills to an organization's overall success. Organizations that provide team members with opportunities to develop soft skills have higher retention rates. Additionally, 75% of long-term employee success can be attributed to soft skills while only 25% is due to technical skills. Finally, investing in soft skill development has an enormous return on investment.


Dance can play an important role in seeking new perspectives. It allows for a level playing field among colleagues of varying backgrounds and expertise. When we align our thoughts with movement, we realize that everyone has more to explore and understand no matter what their level of education or rank within a firm. Furthermore, being vulnerable together helps coworkers connect on a human level.

In Moving Minds, we explore soft skills through the unified lens of the body and mind.  In doing so, we improve our ability to work together to make decisions and to understand our feelings and reactions when put in vulnerable and challenging situations.