Moving Minds for education is a movement-based, skill-building, workshop for students ages 12 and up. Students develop their abilities as creative and analytical thinkers through specially designed movement games and choreographic challenges led by experts in dance and psychology.


Educators have discovered that preparing students for success involves examining the skills that help them navigate this world’s ever-changing landscape. Specifically, the skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and confidence. These skills need to be explored from multiple perspectives and can not be taught in a how-to format. Intelligence in these areas goes beyond our thinking brains; to truly understand these skills we must feel them.

Dance can play an important role in skill development. Dance allows for expression in areas where words are limited. Through dance, we are able to explore concepts before we try to explain them. Using our bodies, we can explore a deeper world of connectivity in decision making, problem solving, design, and creativity.

In the Moving Minds workshop we explore these concepts with both the body and mind.  In doing so, we learn a great deal about how we work with others, and how we make decisions, feel and react when put into vulnerable and challenging situations.

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