"By unifying the objective, I found that it is easier to accept different opinions and find a happy medium. Also, I learned that even if each person seems to be moving independently, if the organizer makes the objective clear, it is possible to achieve a bigger goal. It was a very beneficial experience for me as I experienced that you can make chemical changes happen when you accept parts of each individual’s opinions." -Corporate Training Participant

“It reminded me that how you transmit your message changes the way the other receives the information.” -Corporate Training Participant
“The first thing was to feel the “body” again. All parts of the body were unconsciously used, and it was only when it was hurt or sick to feel that there were those parts. It was very interesting to think of all the parts of my body that I had never been conscious of, and how I would be able to express what I wanted to express.” -Adult Workshop Participant


"By sharing a problem with someone, I felt that there was a positive idea, a new discovery, and a focused point of view. Also, I thought it would be brave to realize that people who experienced similar problems and were facing common problems at the same time." -Adult Workshop Participant

“Dancing together at the end of the workshop where you can feel the unity of a group can have benefits to organizations.” -Corporate Training Participant
“It was much more difficult than I had thought to match each other’s breathing and timing in order to move together. It is easier to understand the other’s intentions when you can feel the other person.”-Corporate Training Participant


"We don't really understand meanings of words we use even we know the definition of them. After moving my body; some activities in pairs and in all of the participants, I realized that the word "communication" included more meanings than I had thought."- Adult Workshop Participant

“Critical thinking is very hard to understand just by knowing the definition of it and that’s why Elizabeth and Kate started MOVING MINDS. If you google “critical thinking”, you will find so many websites explaining the meaning of it. However, all of them are kind of long and take long time to read all of them. (I even looked for “critical thinking for dummies”.) So, what I want to say is that for some words which are very hard to be explained briefly, we should just understand it by doing it. Like, we can’t explain what it is to sleep, but we do it everyday. We learned critical thinking by looking at thing as close as possible(notice), discussing about what we noticed(reflect), imitating what we saw(embody)...”-Adult Workshop Participant
“In my daily life, I have less opportunities to think about “communication” and have no confidence to insist on what I think or feel. In addition, the work I have done on it in the past was often asked for an opinion, and it was often a mechanical task for my boss. However, for two days of “ moving minds,” there was an environment to listen to, and there was a sense of relief to be free to fail.”- Adult Workshop Participant