Reflections were conducted at the start and end of each module. Participants used words and drawings to share their understanding of each key skill.   


Communication-Start of Module 1

At the beginning of Day 1, participant work focused on communication as speaking and words. Pictures contained mostly faces of pairs or groups of people talking to each other.

 Communication-End of Module 1

At the end of the Module 1, participant drawings were expanded from drawings of heads to drawings of bodies. Participants changed perspectives on the meaning of communication as talking and words, to a meaning that encompassed communication beyond language. They talked about gesture, empathy, and connection as modes of communication. They demonstrated an understanding that words can be a limited form of communication. 

Collaboration-Start of Module 2

At the beginning of the Module 2, participants demonstrated an understanding that collaboration is a process that is done with others.  Images included pairs of people singing and dancing together.

 Collaboration-End of Module 2

At the end of Module 2, student images changed from including two entities to several entities.  The images of collaboration demonstrated fluidity in contribution of individuals.  Additionally, student images demonstrated contributions from each member as incorporated into part of the whole.


Critical Thinking- Start of Module 3

At the start of Module 3, participants described problem solving as a process of seeking the answer from an external force.  Participants suggested sharing opinions, listening to the answers of others and asking for help. 

Critical Thinking- End of Module 3

At the end of Module 3 participants demonstrated a new understanding of problem solving as a personal process of inquiry and discovery.  They discussed problem solving as experimentation, collecting information, and argumentation with peers. 


Creative Innovation-Start of Module 4

At the start of Module 4, participants struggled to identify the meaning of creative innovation.  Participants described creative innovation as "hard" and "tired." Many participants simply wrote question marks.  


Creative Innovation- End of Module 4

At the end of Module 4, participants described creative innovation as freedom, difference, and creating their own style.  Many participants drew pictures of the same person doing many different movements.  One participant drew a picture indicating that each of the subsequent modules (communication, collaboration, and problem solving) are needed for Module 4 (Creative innovation).

Confidence- Module 5

After showing their final performance. Participants reflected upon their overall experience during the Moving Minds workshop. 




“I learned English, Dance and many other things. I want to improve my English and Dance skills more. I will never forget this workshop's experience.”

-Momo, Student Participant

Thank you for 5 days. I changed my mind. Before, dance was: solo, solo, solo, solo. Now, dance is everyone together.
— Mizuho, Student Participant
I learned confidence. I could understand in English.
— Asuka, Student Participant
I learned a lot of things to live. I enjoyed to think, creative, communicate with the girls. I realized dance is the way to help myself progress.
— Karin, Student Participant